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The Burning Alliance Revelation

<< Choose your best cards, strike down the enemy, and climb "til the most prestigious status" >>
Burning Alliance Game through a fun card system management that will allow you to control the strategic leadership of the match.

Burning Alliance: when the Myth becomes Legend

Universe, infinite life-death cycle, everything is established, everything is balanced.
Aqua, Aer , Focus and Earth determines the flowing water of life and the events development. The primordial elements are involved in the Quintessence that governs them and serves them in the same way. The beings selected to carry out the Orders have the gift to mold the Quintessence and guide the elemental creatures, they know the Burning Alliance control. The creatures essence is indeed the same, even though in every solar system planet, the matter status is ever-changing. Through the Quintessence Control the chosen beings can gather the creatures belonging to the same element and give life to the Burning Alliance, a cataclysmic force. All these things have been decided, the Entities Tribunal has declared its sentence:

<<“Galadeth, Goddess of the Elements, you are guilty of a terrible fault : you have created the Light Warrior by using the Burning Alliance power. You were not allowed to dare so much and try and distort the Fate's Order! You will be imprisoned in an eternal sleep that will allow you to observe everything and understand the error you were about to make. The elements will be entrusted to the Orders to be stored and kept in their sacred balance. Venus with the Queen Order, Earth with the Warrior Order, Mercury with the Hunter Order and Mars with the Guardian Order. That's what was decided!”. And the years followed and became centuries and millenniums, and of all this only a faded memory was kept, a legend, until one day, like a shy blow of wind, a rebellion atmosphere began to instigate the elemental creatures. Betrayal or prophecy? Everything will have to be discovered! >>

The Orders that dominate the controversial power of the Quintessence

hunter class


warrior class


green queen class


keeper class


Gallery of powerful cards and composable decks

back of a Burning Alliance card
back of a Burning Alliance card

Irealy: the Future Software House

a hummingbird is the symbol of Irealy games logo

Irealy Games Srl is a new videogame concept and development company that was founded in a strong globalized context, thanks to the collaboration of professional figures of different nationalities at the aim of obtaining a product dedicated to players from all over the world. The multiplayer aspect of videogames is given a strong attention because we believe it is essential for a gratifying videogame experience.
Burning Alliance is our first videogame, an innovative trading card game with a unique and involving gameplay, fitted with a solid multiplayer option and a mysterious story mode. We didn't leave anything out: from the single player to the multiplayer mode, from the equipment to the magic, the deck building and the devastating "Burning" invocation.

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Burning Alliance